Flipping of wooden cubes block to change 2020 to 2021 year.


Hope for 2021 in Six Words

We asked our staff to send us six words that described their hope for 2021. A simple creative writing exercise that can lead to some heartfelt expressions. 

Together, seeing each other, no masks!
hope, new, family, change, hugs, friends
My boys still laugh and play. 
Public gatherings with big hugs
Resilience through connection, even simply online.
Taking care of all of us.
Don't take being together for granted.  
My parents - not online, in person!
Smiling at strangers on dog walks.
Don't lose sight of your goals
Family, Perseverance, Heart, Bravery, Confidence, Compassionate 
Cold beer in a crowded bar
relaxing with friends, making new memories
acknowledge past, live present, dream future
I get to eat with friends!
Continuing the work, the good trouble 
Live music and taking real vacations
Hangouts without a screen between us 
Reimagining me from 2020's new beginnings.
I hope to see my family.
No more swiping left or right.
Remembering how important togetherness really is
Exit lexicon, "pivoting" and "dumpster fire".
"Play ball!" "Beer here!" "Go Rockies!"
honestly I don't even know anymore
The freedom of not wearing makeup!