“Fashions in Montana” - Reel News: Yesterday’s News Today

Color drawing of 7 fashionable women.

“Fashion of the 19th Century” in the Young Ladies Journal, January 1888 (History Colorado)

“The editor of the Montana Schreecher attended a May-day ball and, for the first time in his life, attempted a description of the costumes for the benefit and gratification of his lady readers. We copy several of his gratifying descriptions:

“Miss Sally McSniffin was rigged out as pretty as a red and green wagon with two spring seats, and made more mashes than a few. She had on a blue dress with a flap at the side, and a puffy something or other on the other side.

“Miss Susie Sharp wore an en train rig, and could have knocked Mrs. Langtry silly when it came to good looks. Her hair was en curl and her face en powder. She had sixteen rings on one finger and bracelets clean to her elbow.

“Little Birdie Bloom was ‘the daintiest darling of all,’ in white toggery of some sort, looped up in spots. She wore hand-painted gloves and slippers, and passymentry jewelry; also the curls that have been on exhibition in the window of our fashionable hair-dresser for the past week.

“Miss Dorritty reminded one of a double rainbow and was the belle of the occasion. It’s a cold day when Lizzie Ann Dorritty gets left at a ball, and she was at her best last night. She is immensely popular at the Fifth Avenue hotel, where she has been head cook for the past year. She was as sweet last night as one of her own apple dumplings.—Tid Bits.”

Bent County Register (Lamar, Colo.), July 2, 1887