Archaeology & Historic Preservation Event Submissions

This form is how your event/program will be added to the Archaeology & Historic Preservation Month calendar.

Events must include content that is explicitly related to educating the public about archaeology and historic preservation.

Only non-profit and public entities are allowed submission. All submissions are evaluated and subsequently approved at the sole discretion of History Colorado.

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Timely Instructions

First time users will need to create an account on Timely.

  1. Click ADD EVENT.
  2. Add event title, start/end dates and times. Add recurrence times if this is a recurring event.
  3. Add ticket or access link and cost. 
  4. Add an image. Ideal image dimensions are 720 x 330 px. Maximum file size 2MB
  5. Add a description.
  6. Click SUBMIT EVENT.

When you submit an event it gets added to as a submission. It gets a quick edit and gets published with one click. 

If you need to make changes to your event after it’s been submitted, please email