Tivoli brewery, clockwise from left to right: Tivoli brewery prior to its 2012 renovation; Tivoli Brewery building in 2016; Tivoli Union Brewery in 1938; in the brewing area within the Tivoli, 2016; customers inside the cafe and bar area of the student union.

Tivoli Brewery

View of the Tivoli-Union Brewery and offices at 10th (Tenth) and Larimer Streets in the Auraria neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The four-story brick building has arched windows, decorative brick work, canvas awnings and a tower with a mansard roof. A sign reads: "Tivoli Beer." Shows smokestacks, chimneys, an automobile, truck and fire hydrant.

The Tivoli Brewing Company and offices in 1938.

Courtesy Denver Public Library, History Colorado collection (CHS.X9229)

Denver County

Denver was just five years old when Moritz Sigi began brewing his “Buck Beer” for thirsty gold miners. By 1900, when the brand was renamed “Tivoli,” brewing was centered in this sprawling five-story brick complex in Denver’s Auraria neighborhood. Tivoli Beer was a staple of bars throughout the west until the company finally closed in 1969. A 1980s renovation turned the building into a student union for the nearby Auraria Campus, but by 2010 large portions of the building were empty and outdated.

After a forty-three-year absence, Tivoli Beer began flowing again in 2012. To further develop the revived brand, the brewery’s owners embarked upon a $3.5 million renovation of the old building (with the help of ($975,000 in State Historic Preservation Tax Credits) to serve as their brewery and tap house. The non-historic additions of the 1980s were removed, and the historic interior features were restored. New brewing equipment occupies the space where Tivoli’s original mash tuns and copper kettles once stood. In addition to revitalizing an abandoned space, the Brewery project also created thirty new full-time jobs.

The new interior to the Tivoli building incorporating many of the historic features.

The new interior to the Tivoli building.

Courtesy RB Architects.

900 Auraria Parkway, Denver
Built in 1882
Project costs: $3,500,000
State Tax Credit: $975,000
Opening date: 2017

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