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Digital Volunteering

Transcribing the Collection

Join our digital volunteer network on Zooniverse and help us transcribe documents. As a way to make our collection more accessible, this work will create additional resources and knowledge about women's suffrage and will have significant impact for researchers throughout the world. 

Transcribing Women's Suffrage in Colorado

This digital collection includes documents and handwritten letters from the late 1800s to early 1900s; originally coming from Colorado suffrage leader Ellis Meredith. The items document the work of the 1893 Colorado campaign, showing the personal and professional relationships that national leaders such as Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, and Carrie Chapman Catt built in Colorado to help Colorado suffragists campaign for the vote. Colorado led the way to women's suffrage, becoming the first state to give women the vote by popular referendum in 1893.

Medicine and Advertising in Colorado

This project includes medical and advertising artifacts from the History Colorado Art & Design collection. These artifacts are missing vital information that tells us: what the item is; - what it does; what it is used for; and what it is advertising. 

Be a Digital Volunteer!

Volunteer your skills virtually to make Colorado history available for all.  Anyone can contribute to this project from their home computers by transcribing and adding keywords for History Colorado collections.  We invite you to be our partner in making our collections more visible and more accessible.

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