Trinidad History Museum Education Programs

Tribal Paths Online Exhibit

This online exhibit looks at major events in the history of American Indians in Colorado over the past five centuries—trade networks; encounters with newcomers; the removal of tribes to reservations; the children’s experience with boarding schools; and the American Indian civil rights movement.

School Tours

Listen, Look & Do! (1 hour, pre-k to first grade): This tour is designed to introduce younger students to Colorado history in an exciting and fun way. The tour includes an interactive story time, mini-tour of our museum, and an engaging activity perfect for early learners.

Trinidad Time Travelers (2 hours, all ages): In this school tour, students have the opportunity to discover the rich history of Trinidad and some of its key historical figures through interactive, hands-on activities like wool dyeing, building adobe bricks, and exploring our historic houses. Students will learn about the Baca and Bloom families as well as other important people in Trinidad's past. This tour can be adjusted for any grade level and meets Colorado Academic Standards.

Santa Fe Explorers (2 hours, 3rd grade and up): Our Santa Fe Explorers school tour focuses on the history of the Santa Fe Trail in the Trinidad area and its importance in Southern Colorado history. Students will participate in problem solving activities and games related to trading, life on the trail, and the different cultural groups that influenced the trail.

History Take Out

Moving Day: Colorado Culture. Using objects, photos, and a large walk-on map of the state, students will learn about different cultural groups from Colorado history including the Ute, miners, ancestral Puebloans, and mountain men.

Western Work: Colorado Industries of the Past. Students will engage with some objects and become "entrepreneurs" in some of Colorado's most important industries. Western Work meets economic, history and geography standards and encourages students to explore natural, capital, and human resources through a historical lens.

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