Ute Indian Museum History Take-Out

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you! Through facilitated hands-on programs at your school, students use objects, photographs and a large walk-on map of the state to uncover the “footprint” of various cultures and industries left behind. Our education coordinator will come to your classroom and lead a lesson your student won't forget!

Each lesson focuses on a specific aspect of Colorado history and culture, and includes multiple hands-on activities complete with images, objects, and instructions. Through these activities, students can explore the history of a particular aspect of our state's history. The lesson can be adapted to any classroom or age group. There are currently four History Take-Out lessons available.

Each History Take-Out class costs $45. If multiple classes are booked, there is a $5 discount- so if you book two classes, each one costs $35. 

Title I schools are eligible for discounted rates.


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Bison Box

Bison Box

Available History Take-Out Kits:

Ute Knowledge: Colorado's Original Scientists
Through investigative activities and the examination of items, tools, and images, students explore how the Ute Indians used science, technology, engineering and math to survive and thrive in the Rocky Mountains. This program meets history, math and science standards.
Recommended for 1st-5th grade.

Moving Day: Colorado Culture
Using objects, photos, and a large walk-on map of the state, students learn about different cultural groups from Colorado history including the Ute, miners, ancestral Puebloans, and mountain men.
Recommended for K-5th grade.

Western Work: Colorado Industries of the Past
Through hands-on activities and engaging with objects and tools, students become "entrepreneurs" in some of Colorado's most important industries. This program meets economic, history and geography standards and encourages students to explore natural, capital, and human resources through a historical lens.
Recommended for K-5th grade.

Bison Box
Learn about Ute culture through one of its most prized resources, the bison. Students will examine objects, both historic and recreated, in this hand-on show-and-tell to learn about the ways the Ute people used all the different parts of a bison. From the hide to the bones, students will discover the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Colorado’s early people.
Recommended for K-5th grade