Advisory Groups

Preservation Programs Committee

The Preservation Programs Committee is chartered by the History Colorado Board of Directors. The Committee focuses on strategic thinking, policy, and evaluation relative to the organization's preservation programs, which include the functions of the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, the State Historical Fund, and other preservation incentive programs. 

Preservation Programs Committee Members

Cathey Finlon Rebecca Goodwin Sloan Schwindt Jody Reeser Kathy Corbett Erin Clark  John Gritts
Rich Benenson Ann Mullins Kim Redman Bill Tall Bull Anna Cordova Rodney Milton  
Carlos Martinez Karl Kumli Barb Pahl Darwin Thompson Julie Chacon Kendra Sandoval  

State Historical Fund Grants Council 

The State Historical Fund Grants Council is appointed annually by History Colorado’s Preservation Programs Committee to support the grant review processes of the Colorado State Historical Fund.

Grants Council Members

Abbey Christman Judy Montero Maren Bzdek Kitty Koch Alexandra Hernandez Michael Prouty Jody Reeser
Jane Daniels Chance Ward Liz Hallas Erica Swissler Elizabeth Blackwell Charlene Garcia Simms  
Jessica Reske Sid Wilson Phil Barlow David Singer Natalie Feinberg Lopez Sharon Nunnally  


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