Annual Report

Dear History Colorado partner,

History Colorado turned 141 in 2020. And as we collectively endure this historic pandemic, we’re especially mindful of the incredible legacy of our organization. History Colorado has already been around long enough to survive the Panic of 1893, a 1918 epidemic, two World Wars, and the Great Depression.

As we reflect on our organizational history and the history of Colorado, we can’t help but be inspired by the resilience of our predecessors in times of struggle. We’re happy to report that we carry on this tradition. Despite these uncertain times, History Colorado is fortified by a strong team—from our persistent and dedicated Board of Directors to our passionate and nimble staff. We’ve collectively worked hard to ensure that History Colorado remains a mission-centered cultural cornerstone that will serve our state for many more decades to come.

We know that the study and understanding of history is necessary to humanity. Civic engagement, museums, and cultural experiences are important ingredients of a functioning society. These elements are even more consequential in times of crisis. Though our museums had to close temporarily and cancel in-person events, we met the moment by taking our educational programs, collecting efforts, exhibitions, and historical content straight into people’s homes.

We’ve maintained and extended the most effective means of reaching out to Colorado—and well beyond its borders—with the new kinds of engagement that people have come to expect, and that enrich their lives and perspectives.

We’re so grateful to our supporters, members, volunteers, and audiences who’ve stood with us. And we want to hear how you’d like to help us move forward

Read our annual report below to see more of what we’ve done over the past year all across Colorado. Please donate today to help us preserve and share Colorado's rich history.

Steve W. Turner, AIA
Executive Director and State Historic Preservation Officer, History Colorado

Cathey M. Finlon
Chair, Board of Directors

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