Confluent People mural by Emanuel Martinez

Building Denver

Living Denver Podcast

How have Denverites shaped their city and their neighborhoods?

Living Denver, a four-part podcast series produced in collaboration with House of Pod, illuminates stories of four different Denver neighborhoods through the lens of the city’s residents. Local poets created odes to their neighborhoods, inviting others to share in the joy and celebration of these special places. Poets include:

  • Kenya “Mahogany” Fashaw, Five Points
  • Josiah Lee Lopez, West Side/Lincoln Park
  • Jonathon Stalls, City Park/North Park Hill
  • Ramon del Castillo, North Denver

The podcast is also available via Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify, and everywhere podcasts are found.

Living Denver Episode 1: "Welton Street Beats" with Kenya Fashaw (Transcript)

Living Denver Episode 2: "Graffiti and Gentrification" with Josiah Lee Lopez (Transcript)

Living Denver Episode 3: "Pedestrian Perspectives" with Johnathon Stalls (Transcript)

The podcast and the book of essays are a part of Building Denver Initiative, a sweeping retrospective, present-day examination and a bold look ahead at how our city has been designed and the consequences that have emerged in our physical, social, and emotional spaces. Learn more about the Building Denver Initiative