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Building Denver Initiative

Decisions That Define a City.

BUILDING DENVER is a sweeping retrospective, present-day examination and a bold look ahead at how our city has been designed and the consequences that have emerged in our physical, social, and emotional spaces.
Is this the city we had in mind?

Denver is undergoing rapid urban and social change. 

Denver's population has exploded over the last two decades and is more diverse than ever. It was recently named the second most gentrified city in the country, and a global pandemic and climate change are impacting our urban landscape.

History Colorado is launching an initiative that examines the impact of architecture and design on our lives. Through exhibitions, podcasts, lectures, and more, the initiative creates opportunities for community dialogue, enabling us to collectively confront these intertwined issues in order to envision a healthier, more inclusive, and more equitable Denver.

Is This the City We Had in Mind? Decisions that Define Denver (Book of Essays)

Inspired by the Building Denver exhibition, this anthology collects twenty leading voices to consider where Denver goes from here. Using the history presented in the exhibition as a springboard, this volume offers diverse perspectives on how we can continue creating the city we want in the future.

Available in July 2021. 

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