Certified Surveyor I

  1. Must be a certified Provisional Surveyor.
  2. Attendance and completion of 3 courses.  Each course will have a final exam.  Minimal passing grade is 70%.
    1. Prehistoric Lithic Description and Analysis
    2. Prehistoric Ceramic Description and Analysis
    3. Perishable Materials
  3. Be a crew member on 2 surveys for a minimum total of 15 days field work in conjunction with, or for, a Board-approved archaeologist.  Preferably, the two surveys will occur in two different environments, e.g. mountains and plains.
    1. Survey time may be obtained through an approved CAS project, on the PAAC Summer Training Survey or as a volunteer for private, local, state or federal projects.
    2. The participant must supply the State PAAC Coordinator with proof of survey experience, e.g. official signed time sheets or a letter from the supervising archaeologist specifying time spent surveying.

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