Provisional Surveyor

  1. Attendance and completion of 4 courses.  Each course of 20-25 hours length will have a final exam.  Minimum passing grade is 70%.
    1. Archaeological Practice in Colorado
    2. Basic Site Surveying Techniques
    3. Colorado Archaeology
    4. Historical Archaeology
  2. Record four sites (two prehistoric and two historical).  Must use standard Colorado site inventory forms; 2 of the four sites should be previously unrecorded.
    1. Individuals intimidated by the site forms should accompany and observe a more experienced PAAC participant in the field before attempting the forms.  Alternatively, one may volunteer for the PAAC Summer Training Survey to receive more direct instruction on a professionally-supervised inventory, after successfully completing the Basic Site Surveying Techniques course.
    2. The State PAAC Coordinator keeps a file of at least two certification sites (1 historic and 1 prehistoric) for each participating chapter.  All people striving for certification under Provisional Surveyor will record these sites before recording two previously unrecorded sites.  Any variation from the standard four sites must be cleared through the State PAAC Coordinator.  Requests must be in writing.  Contact the State PAAC Coordinator for the locations and restrictions on the certification sites.
    3. No more than one person can be credited with recording a single site at one time.  One signature per site form.  Two people signing one form receive half credit each.  Two people working together must record a total of 8 sites to get sufficient individual credit for certification.  This should be cleared through the State PAAC Coordinator.
    4. Rough drafts of all site forms should be reviewed by the State PAAC Coordinator prior to the completion of the final forms.  To help with the completion of draft site forms, workshops will be held at History Colorado, 1200 Broadway, Denver, in the autumn months.  Contact the State Training Coordinator for more information.
    5. All final submissions of site forms will be typed or printed legibly in black ink.  A computer diskette to produce the final forms by word processing is available from History Colorado.

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