Emergency Grants

The Little Church in the Pines supported by an emergency structure after a flood.

The Little Church in the Pines near Boulder on emergency supports after the 2013 floods.

Emergency Grants are awarded to provide assistance to significant resources that are in imminent danger of being lost, demolished, or seriously damaged, and when the threat is sudden and unexpected, such as a fire, flood, hail storm, or other act of nature. A specific event, such as a tornado that occurred on a specific date, should be cited in the application. Building failure/damage attributed to deferred maintenance is not defined as an emergency.

It is important that you contact our office immediately after the event has occurred. If a significant amount of time has transpired between the time of the event and the request for funding, it may affect your eligibility.

Emergency Grants are typically limited in scope to the temporary stabilization of a building, structure, or site until permanent preservation measures can take place.

All grant-funded treatments must comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

For more information about Emergency grants, please refer to our Grants Application Guide.


Historic designation of the resource at the local, state, or national level at the time of application is required for Emergency Grants. Find more information about the designation process, click here.

Archaeological monitoring must be included in any project that involves ground disturbance (breaking ground) unless otherwise determined by HC-SHF staff.

Scope: The Scope of Work should reflect the temporary stabilization of the resources.

Budget: Budgets must contain a calculation or reference an estimate document that contains a calculation that shows how the budget amount has been derived.

Cash Match: Fifty percent (50%) cash match is highly recommended for properties owned by private individuals and for-profit businesses. No cash match is required for properties owned by non-profits and public entities.

Amount of request: Applications for Emergency Grants typically request between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. Emergency Grants in excess of $10,000 are extremely rare and will take longer to process.

Application Deadlines: Applications have no deadlines and will be processed immediately. Applicants should contact the HC-SHF as soon as possible after the event as any delay will affect the funding decision.


Property protections may be placed on properties receiving HC-SHF grants. The type of owner and the amount of cumulative grant funds received determine the period and form (agreement, covenant, or easement) required to protect the property from alterations that would affect its historic character. The protections require that any proposed changes to the property must first receive approval from HC-SHF staff or the easement holding company.

For more information on property protections, contact Property Protections Coordinator Korbin Pugh at 303-866-2797 or korbin.pugh@state.co.us.

Forms and Sample Grants


For more information about emergency grants or to get additional reference materials, contact our Outreach Staff at 303-866-2825 or email us at hc_shf@state.co.us.

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