Emergency Grants

Meadow Park Shelter damaged by 2013 floods

Meadow Park Shelter House, Boulder County, 2013 (5BL.383)
SHF Grant #14-0E-005 

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Emergency grants provide funding for immediate stabilization work needed when a designated resource faces imminent danger of being lost, demolished, or seriously damaged due to sudden or unexpected acts of nature such as fire, flood, hail, or human interaction such as a vehicle crash. A specific event, such as a tornado that occurred on a specific date, should be cited in the application. Building failure/damage attributed to deferred maintenance is not defined as an emergency. 

It is important that you contact our office immediately after the event has occurred (no more than three months). If a significant amount of time has transpired between the time of the event and the request for funding, it may affect your eligibility.

Emergency grants are limited in scope to the temporary stabilization of a building, structure, or site until permanent preservation measures can take place.


Request Amount: Up to $15,000

Cash Match: 0% for all applicants.

Designation: National, State, or Local designation is required prior to application.

Property Protections: Property protections may be placed on properties receiving grants for physical work. The type of owner and the cumulative amount of grant funds received to determine the length (in years) and type (covenant or easement) required to protect the property from alterations that would affect its historic character. For more information on property protections, contact Property Protections Coordinator.

Scope: The scope should reflect the temporary stabilization of the resource. Archaeological monitoring must be included in any project that involves ground disturbance (breaking ground) unless otherwise determined by Staff.

Budget: Line items must denote all the direct costs of the project such as contractual services or travel costs. Budgets must contain a calculation or reference a proposal document that contains a calculation that shows how the budget amount has been derived.

Application Deadlines: Applications have no deadlines and will be processed immediately.

Announcement Dates: Applicants are typically notified within 7-10 business days of the receipt of a complete application.

*Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Projects: A BIPOC project significantly benefits and involves one or more BIPOC communities.

Meadow Park Shelter restored after 2013 floods

Meadow Park Shelter House restored.

Forms and Sample Grants

Before You Apply

  • Read our Guidebook for all program requirements. The Guidebook was last updated in February 2024.

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If you have questions or want to apply, email hc_shf@state.co.us or contact SHF Engagement Staff.