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The Planning grant can include any planning documents which will help the project move forward, giving projects more flexibility to prepare for future physical work.

Planning grants should be completed by consultants that are experienced and familiar with planning projects. The selected consultant should be knowledgeable in applying the Secretary of Interior's Standards for physical work and nomination activity. Such projects may include:

  • Nominations
  • Contexts
  • Construction Documents
  • Schematic Design Plans
  • Design Development Plans
  • Investigation (HazMat, Geotechnical, Structural, Materials Analysis, etc.)
  • Cost Estimating
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Master Plans



Request Amount: Up to $15,000

Cash Match: 10% for nonprofit/govt.owner, 25% for private owner

BIPOC Projects* Cash Match: 0% for nonprofit/ government owner, 10% for private owner

Designation: If the property is not designated, it must be moving toward designation, which means that Form 1419 (Preliminary Property Evaluation Form) should be submitted to, and approved by, the State Historic Preservation Office prior to application and included with the application attachments.

Scope: The scope may include any type of planning work that helps a project prepare for future physical work (that is not already covered by one of our other noncompetitive grant types).

Budget: Line items must denote all the costs of the project such as contractual services or travel costs. Budgets must contain a calculation or reference an attached proposal document that contains a calculation, that shows how the budget amount has been derived.

Ineligible Expenses:

  • Grant administration
  • Contingency

Application Deadlines: Year-round.

Award Announcement Dates: Applicants are notified within 30-45 days of submitting a complete application. If additional material or information is needed from the applicant, this may be longer. If awarded, the contracting process can take up to a month before the project can begin. If funding is no longer available within the current fiscal year, an approved application will be put in a queue for funding at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

*Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Projects: A BIPOC project significantly benefits and involves one or more BIPOC communities.

Forms and Samples

Before You Apply

  • Read our Guidebook for all program requirements. The Guidebook was last updated in February 2024.
  • Read the "How to Apply: Planning Grant" document on how to complete the application form.


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