Survey Plan Grants

Survey plan grants create a comprehensive document to help communities assess the current state of their survey documentation and make informed decisions regarding future architectural survey projects. A survey plan is strictly related to survey and does not cover topics generally included in a larger historic preservation plan. A survey plan can be developed for an entire community, a neighborhood, or any defined area in need of this planning document.

The survey plan evaluates previous survey work, identifies appropriate historic contexts, identifies current survey needs, and prioritizes recommendations for future survey projects. Survey plan grants require completion of a limited reconnaissance survey and incorporate public involvement to introduce the project and share results.

Survey plans should be completed by consultants that are experienced and familiar with survey and planning projects. The selected consultant should be knowledgeable in applying the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Identification and Evaluation (

  •  A qualified consultant must complete the survey plan document. They cannot be the grant recipient contact.
  • The survey consultant must attend an initial consultation with the HC-SHF Survey Specialist and Contracts Specialist at the beginning of the grant contract. At the meeting, whoever will be processing the financial reports and payment requests must also be present.


Cash match: No cash match is required for the non-competitive survey plan grant.

Amount of Request: Up to $15,000 can be requested. If the cost is more than the amount awarded by the State Historical Fund, the difference must be made up by the applicant, or the applicant can submit a competitive grant application.

Scope of Work: There is a required scope of work that must be completed for survey plan grants. This ensures a comprehensive document that includes public participation in the formation of the plan.

Project Area: The survey plan will cover a defined project area. This area needs to be identified at the time of application and demonstrated in a map outlining the project area.

  • Limited Reconnaissance Survey: A limited reconnaissance or “windshield” survey is required to identify historic resource property types, however reconnaissance survey forms (1417) are NOT expected to be completed for this task.

  • Public Meetings: Two public meetings are required in completing the survey plan document. One public meeting will be held at the beginning of the project to gather input and one public meeting will be held at the conclusion of the project to share results and recommendations.

Budget: Line items must denote all the costs of the project such as contractual services or travel costs. Budgets must contain a calculation or reference a proposal document that contains a calculation that shows how the budget amount has been derived.

Application Deadlines: Survey plan grant applications can be submitted at any time and will be processed upon receipt.

Award Announcement Dates:  Applicants are typically notified regarding award or denial within 30-45 days of submitting a complete application. If additional material or information is needed from the applicant, this may be longer. It typically takes an additional month to complete the contracting procedure before the project can begin.

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