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Bossen Homestead-Rangeview Ranch Hazel Schmoll Cabin
Bossen Homestead-Rangeview Ranch Hazel Schmoll Cabin, Boulder County

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Competitive Grants provides funds for the built environment, archaeology, and education or training related to historic preservation. All competitive projects must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Properties and abide by the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office’s Survey Manual, if applicable.

To receive a competitive application, you must submit a Letter of Intent. We accept Letters of Intent on a rolling basis but must receive them no later than seven business days prior to your target grant round deadline. 


Request Amount: 

  • Mini Grant: Up to $50,000
  • General Grant: $50,001-$250,000


Cash Match: There is a 25% cash match of the project total required for Nonprofit/Governmental entity owners and 50% for Private/For-Profit owners.

BIPOC Projects* Cash Match:

  • No cash match for projects at properties owned by nonprofit/governmental entities.
  • 10% cash match for projects at privately owned properties.


Designation: If the project includes physical work, then a National, State or Local designation is required prior to application. If the project does not include physical work but is associated with a specific site, it must be moving toward designation. Form 1419 (Preliminary Property Evaluation Form) should be submitted to and approved by the State Historic Preservation Office prior to application and included as an attachment. 

Property Protections: Property protections may be placed on properties receiving grant for physical work. The type of owner and the cumulative amount of grant funds received determine the length (in years) and type (covenant or easement) required to protect the property from alterations that would affects its historic character. For more information on property protections, contact Property Protections Coordinator.

Scope: The scope of work for competitive grants varies depending on the project. For more details on developing your project scope please refer to our guidebook or contact our engagement staff.

Budget: Line items must denote all the costs of the project such as contractual services or travel costs. Budgets must contain a calculation, or reference a proposal document that contains a calculation, that shows how the budget amount has been derived.

Ineligible Expenses: Some projects, activities, and costs do not qualify for assistance and cannot be included in the project scope of work, budget, and/or cash match. The most common ineligible expenses include: 

  • Grant administration in excess of 15% of total direct project costs
  • Grant writing costs
  • Costs encumbered, contracted for, or incurred before receiving a fully executed grant award with the State Historical Fund
  • Costs of utilities outside the designated area
  • The value of In-kind goods, services, or staff time or pay

To see a more detailed list refer to our guidebook or contact our engagement staff with questions regarding scope of work or project cost eligibility.

Application Deadline & Award Announcement:

Mini Grant:

  • Application Deadline: Noon (Mountain Time) on Monday, October 2, 2023 and Monday, April 1, 2024.
  • Award Announcement: December 15, 2023; April Award Announcement TBD

General Grant:

  • Application Deadline: Noon (Mountain Time) on Monday, October 2, 2023 and Monday, April 1, 2024.
  • Award Announcement: December 15, 2023; April Award Announcement TBD
 Silicated Brick & Clay Company Kiln
 Crow Canyon Archaeological Center’s research of the Haynie Site in Montezuma County
Yellow house in San Luis Colorado
Truxaw & Kruger Grocery, New Raymer
Birch Cabin and Birch Ruins, Estes Park
Pines Ranch Lodge
Preserve America Youth Summit 2019

Forms and Samples

Before You Apply

  • Read our Guidebook for all program requirements. The Guidebook was last updated in February 2024.


Ready to Apply?

Please fill out the Letter of Intent form to determine if your project qualifies for a Competitive Grant.

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