Getting Started with Your Grant Award

Photo of Bosler-Yankee House Restored

Bosler-Yankee House Restored

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Before any work, purchasing of supplies, or contracting with contractors or consultants can begin on your project, a grant award must be executed between the state of Colorado and your organization. The state cannot pay for any costs incurred outside the grant award period.

The grant award notification email sent to the Grant Recipient Contact listed in your application outlines the required documents that must be returned to your assigned Contract Specialist before we create and execute your grant award. Helpful Tip: Check your spam/junk folder.

Required items before a state grant award can be created:

  1. The Acknowledgement of Award Conditions must be signed by an authorized signer for the grant recipient organization to accept the terms and conditions associated with a State Historical Fund grant. If the property owner is different from the grant recipient organization, the owner must also initial the last condition and sign the letter.
  2. If your grant award requires Property Protection, review the information sheet in the email and follow all instructions to provide us with the signed Exhibit E or easement holding company information, as requested.
  3. The Colorado W9 is the only W9 the state controller accepts. If any other version was submitted with your application, you must provide this correct version.
  4. Grant payments are processed via electronic funds transfer to a bank account in the grant recipient organization’s name. If we need to add or verify a bank account already in the state’s system, please complete the form provided in the email.

The grant recipient contact and all project team members should review the Guidebook which contains all our program and grant requirements. The grant recipient contact and grant administrator are responsible for following all program and grant award terms and requirements. The Guidebook was last updated in February 2024.

Grant Award and Agreement Samples

All State Historical Fund grant awards are non-negotiable. It is your responsibility to review the applicable grant samples prior to submitting your application or signing the Acknowledgement of Award Conditions letter to be certain that your organization is willing to go under contract with the terms of the State Historical Fund Grant Award.

These samples contain the standard grant terms. The exhibits for your specific project may vary by project type and property protections.

To find additional documents related to managing your grant check out our Grant and Project Management Documents.

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