HCC Borderlands

Core Exhibition

Borderlands of Southern Colorado // History Colorado Center

Presented in English and Spanish, Borderlands explores the shifting geopolitical history of southern Colorado. This area framed by mountains and rivers is naturally conducive to unique and resilient forms of cultural connection. An international border crossed over the people in this region, changing their lives forever, when the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo moved a portion of the US–Mexico border from the Arkansas River—which flows through the middle of Colorado—down to the Rio Grande in 1848.

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Borderlands Speaker Series:

Mexican migrant workers sit in a bus near Fort Lupton (Weld County), Colorado. They wear wide-brimmed hats. One man wears overalls.
Black and white photo of a hillside community of tightly-clustered one-story adobe residences with sod and metal roofs.  Yards are divided by picket fences, and clothes dry on lines. Shows beehive ovens and outhouses.
Vaqueros featured in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, posing with ropes, traditional outfits, and in front of cabins.
Birderlands 2