2 Broncos Superfans, the Mile High Monsters, wearing orange pom pom costumes

Current Exhibition

Mile High Magic

Focusing on the story of the Denver Broncos, this exhibition explores fairytale seasons, epic comebacks, legendary players, and the heated rivalries of Colorado’s only National Football League (NFL) franchise, as well as the sense of community and shared identity that comes from believing in “Mile High Magic.”

Header image by Armando Martinez

Using objects that span the more than sixty years of Broncos history, Mile High Magic gives fans a rare chance to pair game worn memorabilia with context of the accomplishments of the professional athletes who wore it on the gridiron.

Highlights include:

  • Original 1960 AFL jersey and socks, which are known as the ugliest uniform ever worn by an professional football team
  • Super Bowl used helmet from all-pro Ray Crockett
  • Game used jerseys from Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas and Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway
  • Gloves signed by Hall of Fame Running Back Terrell Davis
  • And much more!

In collaboration with the Broncos Hall of Fame



2 Broncos Superfans, the Mile High Monsters, wearing orange pom pom costumes
A bronco superfan with orange suspenders, mohawk, and Broncos war paint
Broncos superfan in a Broncos themed white suit
2 broncos superfans with bronco themed scarves and hats.
Broncos superfan in a Broncos jersey, riding a blue and orange bike.
2 broncos superfans in jerseys and long blue wigs
A Broncos superfan wearing a jersey standing next to his orange classic car.
Bronco superfan in a orange yarn wig and german inspired Broncos dress.
2 Broncos Superfans wearing blue and orange body paint and sunglasses.
Broncos superfan in an orange jersey and bald cap with orange mohawk

“To be a member of Broncos country is to be a part of a community, to share a sense of belonging and a common goal with people from all walks of life. That’s really what Mile High Magic is about.”

–Jeremy Morton, Exhibition developer and Historian