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Past Exhibition

“The Prayer Closet” by Chloé Duplessis

The Center for Colorado Women’s History invites visitors to experience and explore the collective story of sacred spaces through "The Prayer Closet," an original fiber art installation created by Chloé Duplessis to honor and elevate the importance of sacred spaces and the power of prayer. A legally blind artist, curator and historian, Duplessis elevates the unknown, illuminates the forgotten, and mindfully addresses the present through her work – centering the importance of shared history, and eroding the social constructs that oppress people of color and those navigating disability.

Across time, individuals and communities have designated certain spaces as sacred. The creation of prayer rooms and closets among Protestants in the US during the Victorian era, like the prayer closet built in the historic home at the Center for Colorado Women’s History, carried on this long-standing tradition.

Visit “The Prayer Closet” March 4th - March 30th by purchasing admission for the Center’s historic house tours, which run daily. Tickets available here.


Want to learn more from Chloé Duplessis? Join us at the Center on March 6th for “The Prayer Closet” Artist Talk by Chloé Duplessis.