A Ute woman and young boy standing in a crop field with a wooden structure behind them.a

Upcoming Exhibition

Three Sisters: Sustaining Communities

This outdoor exhibition focuses on Indigenous agricultural practices and the companion planting of corn, beans, and squash. Known as the “three sisters”, these staple crops thrive together and form a reciprocal relationship with humans that benefits both the plants and the communities that rely on them for sustenance. In addition to describing the agricultural, and cultural importance of these crops, Three Sisters: Sustaining Communities explores the food sovereignty movement as well as Indigenous women-led efforts to restore sacred relationships between Indigenous peoples and their ancestral seeds.

Included with general admission to the Center for Colorado Women’s History - and using the historic house museum’s garden space to grow these staple crops – Three Sisters: Sustaining Communities allows visitors to learn about, and experience, this agricultural technique through touch, smell, and sight all summer long. This outdoor exhibition will be on view from May 17th, 2024 until the 2024 harvest.