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Virgil Ortiz Revolt 1680/2180: Runners + Gliders

This exhibit brings Indigenous Futurism to the Mile High City. Developed in partnership with Virgil Ortiz, an award winning artist and visionary hailing from Cochiti Pueblo, whose works have been displayed at museums around the globe, this exhibit will feature projection mapping and augmented reality alongside centuries-old Cochiti sculptures and Ancestral Puebloan pottery to transport the viewer through time and bring Ortiz's stunning vision to life.

Virgil Ortiz Revolt 1680/2180: Runners + Gliders draws inspiration from the most successful Indigenous uprising against a colonizing power in North American History, the 1680 Pueblo Revolt. In this new installment of his long-developing "Revolt" storyline, Ortiz explores themes of justice and resistance to oppression while reimagining Puebloan time through Indigenous Futurism, science fiction, and fantasy. This exhibit is inspired by the historic figures Omtua and Catua, who served as messengers during the 1680 rebellion, and carried coded messages to the Pueblos of what is now New Mexico.

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Runners + Gliders is the most artistically adventurous thing we have ever done at History Colorado. It provides us an opportunity to think about time and history differently, to look back into the past, and forward into the future, in a way few history museums have ever done.

Jeremy Morton