Winter Warriors: The 10th Mountain Division in World War II

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Winter Warriors: The 10th Mountain Division in World War II

Winter Warriors: The 10th Mountain Division in World War II explores the history of the US Army's first winter warfare division from its training at Camp Hale in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains through their crucial breakthrough against the Nazi German Army in the mountains of Italy.

Winter Warriors introduces a new generation of Coloradans to this incredible story of ingenuity, perseverance, heroism, and sacrifice in a deeply personal way - through hundreds of photos, accounts, videos, and objects from the soldiers themselves.

Included amongst the objects on display are new donations gifted by families of 10th Mountain veterans, as well as artifacts which were entrusted to History Colorado long ago. Highlights include:

  • A fez taken from Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini’s Italian villa when it was occupied by American troops in 1945
  • A specialized anti-tank rifle used by the Finnish ski troops that inspired the 10th Mountain Division
  • An M29 Weasel mechanized cargo carrier developed for the Army during World War II
  • The bow and arrows used by one of the division’s archers 
  • The uniforms worn by soldiers in training and in combat - as well as those worn by the Women’s Army Corps at Camp Hale and Red Cross volunteers in Italy
  • An exploration of the groundbreaking gear developed for, and tested by, the 10th Mountain Division
  • Pieces of art constructed, carved, and etched by soldiers at Camp Hale and on the front lines

With more than 5,000-square-feet of exhibition space in our new marquee gallery, Winter Warriors expands visitors' understanding of the 10th Mountain Division by examining the frontline accomplishments of the division and illuminating the fighting force’s origins and lasting legacy.

On November 6th 2023, Governor Jared Polis officially proclaimed November 6th as 10th Mountain Division Day in the State of Colorado. Read the full proclamation here


A group of 11 soldiers posing for the camera at camp hale and smiling. They have guns and bows and arrows, as well as grenades.
A large group of soldiers at Camp Hale, standing in formation in front of 3 large, white barracks. They wear uniforms and helmets. In the background you can see the mountains and a blue sky.
A group of soldiers standing on the side of a snowy mountain with dead bushes.
A very large group of soldiers sits in the center of Camp Hale with an army vehicle out front. There are white buildings, sparse trees, and gas tanks in the background.
A large group of soldiers are trudging across a snowbank in Camp Hale. They each hold a pair of skis and poles.
A black and white photo of Camp Hale soldiers trudging through the snow. On the left, there's 2 soldiers in a Jeep trying to drive up a slope. On the right, a mule is pulling equipment down a path.
A black and white photo of 5 soldiers in white snow gear skiing with poles down a slope. There are 3 logs placed in front of them as obstacles. One soldier is jumping in the air.
A group of many soldiers in white snow gear are cross country skiing across a snowbank.
Overhead view of Camp Hale and its many barracks in summer. There is an evergreen tree in the foreground.
Color photo of a group of soldiers at Camp Hale with a mule. They are loading heavy burlap cargo onto the mule's back. There is a white barrack and a mountain behind them.

Winter Warriors is a story of breakthroughs–in ingenuity and resilience, as well as through seemingly-impenetrable Nazi defenses in Italy. It’s an inspiring and humbling look at a war that changed our world.

Dr. Chris Juergens, Head of Curatorial Services and Anschutz Curator of Military History at History Colorado