Change of Command Fort Garland

Fort Garland Museum Field Trips

From preschoolers to high school seniors and university programs, students love our immersive and experiential exhibits and programs that explore our local and regional history.

Standards: All of our school programs align with Colorado Academic Standards. Please ask for a list of standards addressed by our school tours.

Follow-Up: We provide follow-up activities to continue your learning experience beyond the museum.

Enjoy any or all of these school tours:

Trooper Talk

This tour explores the daily lives of the soldiers who called Fort Garland home. We explore their daily routines, uniforms, rules, and fatigue duties, as well as the lives of the women and children who lived here. Be prepared to get a little messy as we use clay, sand, and straw to make our own adobe!

2 hours, pre-K to 5th grade, $2 per student

Dig to Discover

In this tour, students learn about life at Fort Garland through archaeology and preservation. Learners will conduct surveys, examine real artifacts, and interpret their importance to the history of the fort.

2 hours, 2nd grade & up, $2 per student

Fort Garland Avatar Project

This specially tailored living history tour gives students a chance to live a day in the life of a soldier or homesteader in the San Luis Valley in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Optional activities include making tortillas, flint knapping, frontier games, candle dipping, and more. Please allow four weeks notice to coordinate with our education department to help us meet your students' needs.

All-day or half-day, 4th grade, $4 per student



Are you a teacher at a SOLE school? Contact Kelley about additional offerings, including an overnight at the Fort!

Every tour can be tailored to the needs of your group. Adults are free with school groups.

Tours available Monday through Friday.

Book your tour online or call Kelley at 719-379-3512 for more information.

History Colorado Field Trip Bus Funds are available for Title I schools!