National and State Register

Historic Resources of Camp George West

In 1903, the Colorado National Guard established its only permanent training facility three miles east of Golden.  The site, originally known as the State Rifle Range, developed into a post that served as the primary storage and supply facility for local Guard units and the location of the Guard’s summer encampments from 1906 to 1944.  The post was designated Camp George West in 1934.  During the Great Depression, the post was the site of numerous public works projects which greatly expanded the facility’s role and regional responsibilities. 

he historic architecture of the post is an important collection reflecting the various periods of camp development.  Included among the resources are buildings representing the earliest period of the post, the largest single collection of Works Progress Administration sponsored buildings in the state, and typical World War II temporary buildings that followed standard US military plans.  Today, Camp George West is a multipurpose facility that houses several state government agencies while maintaining storage, maintenance, and classroom training facilities for the Colorado National Guard.  (Cover documentation accepted by National Register in 1993.)