Horse and a cowboy

Current Exhibition

The Power of Horses

Horses, humans, and history come together in an exciting new exhibition on the first floor of the History Colorado Center. The Power of Horses will reveal strength, majesty, and diversity in Colorado's history through fun and fascinating stories of horses throughout our state.

This exhibit features a mix of captivating artifacts, pop-culture cues, and engaging activities to explore the power of horses. No stone is left unturned on this meandering journey through Colorado history, from prehistoric horses and Ute tribal traditions to contemporary Black horsemanship and even therapeutic horses. Visitors can explore the many ways these beautiful animals have shaped Colorado communities, as working animals, sources of entertainment, treasured companions, or symbols of freedom.


This exhibit features a wide variety of artifacts and activities for guests to experience. Visitors can examine the intricate construction of a traditional charro suit, marvel at the beadwork on a Ute saddlebag, enjoy a souvenir brochure from the 1919 National Western Stock Show, and see a historic 19th-century saddle and vibrant shirt worn for the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo.

Outside the exhibition gallery, a celebration of the horse's foundational presence in American popular culture sets a nostalgic tone. Reproductions of Bucky the Bronco and Denver International Airport's (in)famous "Blucifer" are accompanied by TV mainstays such as My Little Pony, the Budweiser Clydesdale, Mister Ed, Li'l Sebastian, and more.

This exhibit is hosted in collaboration with CSU Spur, a new campus at the National Western Center, open to all and focused on food, water, and health.

The Power of Horses is made possible in part by Dea Family Foundation, and Cathy Carpenter Dea and Peter Dea. The exhibition's development was supported by the Join Up Program Series at History Colorado, and we thank all of the participants for making this possible.


  • Free with Museum Admission.

People at the exhibit looking at objects
Two wild horses in the underbrush. Both are brown. One is turned to face the camera, while the other has its head lowered, possibly grazing.
Man and a woman looking at the exhibit
A colorful rodeo shirt on display. It is made of a very reflective material, and is very colorful.
A large stadium arena surrounded by bleachers. On the floor of the arena, a multitude of horses and riders are gathered, most wearing "cowboy" clothes.
Two men on horseback, wearing traditional charro clothing.
Memorabilia with horses