Identifying & Designating Historic Properties

Web links and PDFs to help you identify and designate historic properties.

Guidelines for Local Surveys: A Basis for Preservation Planning (924)
National Register publication with general guidance for local surveys and preservation planning.

Summaries of the National and State register programs including the nomination process and criteria for eligibility. (revised 3/11)

National Park Service general brochure describing the National Register program. 

Folleto General sobre el Registro Nacional de Servicio describiendo el Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos

Historic American Engineering Record (1519)
National Park Service general brochure describing the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) program.

Articles and a checklist providing tips for finding information about historic houses.

A basic guide on conducting surveys of archaeological and historic properties.

The National Park Service guide discusses the Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record documentation requirements, including archival preparation of documents, assigning numbers, preparing the report, and photographs.

Historic American Building Survey (HABS) (1551)
A brochure explaining the program that comprehensively documents historic buildings.

A publication providing information on the types of resources identified in our state, statistics and distribution. (revised 6/08)

National Historic Landmarks Program (1562)
A National Park Service site explaining the program, including answers to commonly asked questions.

Two-page brochure introducing the historical & architectural survey process. (09/11)

Summaries of the four programs comparing the legislation, purpose, administration, areas of recognition, and results of each.

This pamphlet answers the question "Why preserve historic places?" and introduces the National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks programs.

A guide to architectural styles, forms, and types for use by architectural surveyors. The Field Guide can be downloaded as a PDF. A web version can be viewed online.

Preserving America’s Heritage: National Historic Preservation Act, 40th Anniversary, 1644 (PDF) 
A joint effort by the National Park Service, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the History Channel, and the Washington Times, outlining the background of this law and the effect it has had on our national heritage.