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Aaron James Eaton House

Weld County

Aaron James Eaton, the “Father of Commerce” in Eaton, moved into the new house with his family in 1888.  Eaton was one of the town founders, being active and influential in many aspects of community and regional development.  He established and operated the town’s first general merchandise store, the First National Bank of Eaton, and the Eaton Building and Loan Association.

A picture of the house from the front with hipped roof and long porch below with a red door on the left.

Aaron James Eaton House (2005 photograph.)

He secured a sugar beet factory for the town, organized the local school district, and served as postmaster and one of the first town trustees.  Eaton also took an interest in his father’s agricultural pursuits, overseeing many area farms and irrigation projects.  The Eaton House was the town’s first two-story brick residence and is the oldest, largest, and least altered example of the Queen Anne style in Eaton.  The house displays representative elements in its asymmetrical massing, variety of construction materials (brick, stone and decorative shingles), and steeply pitched roof with complex forms.