National and State Register

All Souls Unitarian Church

El Paso County

The 1892 church building is an interesting local expression of the Shingle Style with its wood shingled walls, long sloping gabled roofs and windows grouped into pairs and fours.  Undulating or wavy pattern wood shingles, another characteristic of this style, can be seen in the apex of the gables.  Other decorative features include paneled vergeboard, eyebrow dormers, and stained glass windows. 

A black and white photo of the church with gabled roof and gabled entrances on either side. On the right stands a steeply roofed steeple and chimney on the left.

All Souls Unitarian Church (2007 photograph.)

The raised foundation walls are reddish-greenish sandstone quarried west of Manitou Springs.  The tall square tower and its bellcast roof with flared eaves are incorporated into the intersection of two major gables and rises out of the roof rather than from the ground.  Walter F. Douglas designed the building, based on a standard plan used by Unitarians in the East.  A 1984 addition with lower walls of stucco instead of stone incorporated many of these characteristic elements.