Black and white shingle style house.

An example of the Shingle style in Colorado Springs.

Like Queen Anne, the Shingle style was influenced by English architect Richard Norman Shaw.  The style is simpler than Queen Anne with a more horizontal emphasis.  It is characterized by the uniform use of wood shingles as the primary surface material without interruption by corner boards.  Multi-planed or gabled roofs with long slopes and narrow eaves, multi-light casement or sash windows, and asymmetrical facades are also characteristic of these two- or three-storied buildings.

Black and white photo of a shingle style home 5DV.5291

The Gates Mansion (5DV.5291) in Denver combines the Shingle Style with Richardsonian Romanesque.

Common elements:

  1. wood shingle wall surfaces
  2. gently sloping gable roofs
  3. multi-light casement or sash windows
  4. asymmetrical façade
  5. narrow eaves
  6. conical-roofed round towers

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