National and State Register

Marble Town Hall

Gunnison County

Built circa 1908, the Marble Town Hall is significant for its Dutch Colonial Revival architectural features, and for its role in the development of the town of Marble.  As many as ninety-one cottages were built in Marble in response to the housing shortage created by the establishment of the Colorado-Yule Marble Company in 1905. 

A photo of the building in black and white with gambrel roof overhanging a porch on the front and white siding.

Marble Town Hall 

The Marble Town Hall originally functioned as a company cottage.  In the 1960s, it was relocated to a new site in Marble and adapted into a town hall.  The building is one of Marble’s best examples of company cottage architecture and in the late 1980s was one of only three large company cottages still in existence.  Listed under Historic Resources of Marble, Colorado and Vicinity Multiple Property Submission.