National and State Register

Sherman Street Historic District

Denver County

The Sherman Street Historic District is an integral part of the development of the urban apartment in Denver.  In particular, the district consists of an intact collection of three-story walk-up apartments built during the period 1929 to 1950.  The district contains at least seven, and possibly eight, apartment buildings designed by prominent local architect Charles Dunwoody Strong.  

A picture of a couple buildings with long vertical lines on either and three levels of evenly spaced windows, the left building has an entrance in the center and small triangular protrusion coming from the top.

Sherman Street Historic District (2004 photograph.)  

Though relatively unrecognized in the ranks of Denver’s modernist architects, Strong’s body of work includes important contributions to the city’s evolving modernist interpretations of Art Deco, Art Modern and International Style architecture.  The buildings exhibit Charles Strong’s stylistic progression from 1936 to 1950.