History Colorado holds the largest collection of Colorado newspapers available, ranging from 1859 through the present day. The collection contains more than 1700 microfilmed newspaper titles from towns across the state. Approximately 50 currently published newspapers are available in the Stephen H. Hart Research Center.

The majority of our newspaper collection is only available on microfilm. A limited number of digitized newspapers are available online at the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection. Digitized copies of the Denver PostRocky Mountain News, and selected additional titles are available onsite at the Stephen H. Hart Research Center.

Records of all newspaper titles are included in our online catalog. Stephen H. Hart Research Center has guides to Colorado newspapers that list papers by name, by county and town, dates of publication, and dates available. Please contact the staff for specific information on newspaper holdings.

Microfilm reader/printer/scanners are available in the research center for public use. Duplicate positive microfilm reels may also be purchased.

Dawson Scrapbook Index

The Dawson Scrapbook Index is an alphabetical file of names and subjects cited in the eighty volumes of newspaper clippings that comprise the Dawson Scrapbooks. The index will give a volume and page number.

Newspaper clippings in the scrapbooks date from 1860-1923. The Dawson Scrapbooks may serve as an index to newspapers, because most articles are identified by date and name of paper. Although the scrapbooks may not be photocopied because of their fragility, this reference can lead to retrieval of the newspaper microfilm from which a print copy can be made.

About Thomas F. Dawson

Thomas F. Dawson arrived in Colorado in 1876 from Kentucky. Until 1885 he worked for the Denver Tribune and was editor of the Denver Times. From 1885-1910 he served as Sen. Henry M. Teller’s personal secretary. He also served as the Associated Press’s reporter in the Senate. He would spend summers at his Colorado ranch. In 1921 Dawson became curator and historian at the State Historical and Natural History Society of Colorado. He continued his old but useful habit of clipping items from the Denver papers. These clippings make up the 80 volumes of material on Colorado. Librarians and volunteers indexed each volume in the 1920s and 1930s. Dawson died June 25, 1923 in a car accident while on a Colorado Parks tour sponsored by Colorado Press Club for President Warren G. Harding’s visit to Denver.