Specialty Surveyor, Option IV - Independent Study

  1. Hours: independent work, comparable in scope to Specialty Surveyor project Options I-III.
  2. Description: In addition to the three Specialty Surveyor project options currently available, PAAC volunteers also are welcome to design their own archaeology project for a Specialty Surveyor certificate.  The volunteer should present a draft proposal to the State Training Coordinator, and the final proposal is subject to the approval of the PAAC Board.
  3. Prerequisites: In his/her proposal, the volunteer should list 3-5 PAAC courses that are most relevant to their project's subject matter.
  4. Requirements for certification:
    1. Write a short research design about your subject, submitted to the State PAAC Coordinator for approval.
    2. Submit final report to the PAAC Board for review.  Certification is granted upon approval of the Board.

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