Specialty Surveyor, Option III - Rock Art Studies

  1. Hours: independent work.
  2. Description: Write a report on some aspect of rock art, minimum ten pages.  Topics may include, but are not limited to Colorado rock art styles, regional rock art styles, recording techniques, dating techniques, rock art conservation, repair of vandalism, interpreting rock art, oral traditions about rock art, and presentation of original field work results.
  3. Prerequisites: Successfully complete the following survey courses
    1. Archaeological Practice in Colorado (Scholar)
    2. Basic Site Surveying Techniques (Provisional Surveyor)
    3. Colorado Archaeology (Provisional Surveyor)
    4. Rock Art Studies (Specialty Surveyor)
    5. Research Design and Report Writing (Certified Surveyor II).
  4. Requirements for certification:
    1. Write a short research design about your subject, submitted to the State PAAC Coordinator for approval.
    2. Submit final report to the PAAC Board for review.  Certification is granted upon approval of the Board.

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