Submitting Your Data to Preservation Programs

Many of our programs strongly encourage digital data submission. Below are basic guidelines for data submission to the OAHP. Some of this information also pertains to hard copy submissions.

During the current pandemic the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation is teleworking indefinitely, and accepting electronic submissions for all office functions. Please see the list below for the most common data submission types:

Submitting Data for Other Programs?

Your OAHP staff contact will provide you with information about uploading digital information. Please contact the relevant party for more information. Don’t know whom to contact? Please e-mail us at

Additional information for submitting site forms, reports & GIS data

Important Note: While we strongly encourage you to submit site and survey information digitally, should this information differ from instructions provided by your program staff contact or lead federal agency, please follow their guidelines.

Site Forms

Please do not scan hard copies for submittal. Each form should be born digitally, that is, saved into PDF format directly from the software in which it was created.

Each site form should include:

  • Photographs which are embedded in the form, including the site overview, important features, and diagnostic artifacts. If photographs do not have a caption on the form, please submit an accompanying photo log.
  • Sketch map, especially for sites with features.
  • Topographic map, preferably of a USGS 7.5’ map, at a scale of 1:24,000, embedded with the site form. The map should remain at a 1:24,000 scale and not be reduced to fit on a page. An aerial image can be included but should also be at a scale of 1:24,000.

Each resource form and all of its component forms, photographs and maps should be submitted as one PDF.

Forms and documents should use a font that works well for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). One of the following fonts is preferred: Arial, Calibri, Courier, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Tahoma, Times New Roman, or Verdana.


Documents need to be submitted as one cumulative PDF (i.e., not one file for the Table of Contents, one for Chapter 1 etc.)

Please do not provide an appendix of site forms with the report. Each site form needs to be submitted as a separate file. As with site forms, please submit files as PDF with an OCR readable font.

File Naming Conventions

Individual site forms should be named according to the site number in the following format:
5DV_1234.pdf (for a regular site)
5DV_1234_1.pdf (for a linear site)

Reports should be named according to their OAHP document ID as follows:

Download some examples for more information


We strongly encourage the use of the shapefile templates provided on our website. Use these templates for site and survey GIS data submittal. Note that the OAHP keeps its GIS data in the original Zone 12 and Zone 13 UTM projections. As such there are 2 templates, one for each zone, for sites and surveys. Please submit your shape files on the appropriate templates. The templates include data fields required for submittal to the OAHP for data integration purposes. You may add any additional fields you require, but do not remove any of the OAHP fields. The downloads are zip files containing DBF, SHP and SHX files.

When submitting shapefiles, please provide one file for all of the sites and one file for the survey boundary (per project).

If you need to supply site or survey boundaries in a format other than as a shapefile, please contact our staff for further advice.

How and Where to Submit Digital Information

Your OAHP staff contact will provide you with information about uploading digital information. Please contact the relevant party for more information. Don’t know whom to contact? Please e-mail us at

How to Submit Files through MoveIT

If you are a state or federal agency you can sign up to use MoveIT.  MoveIT is a platform that will allow the user to transfer files, regardless of size, to the OAHP in a secure manner.