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Competitive Grants

To receive a competitive application, you must submit a Letter of Intent. We accept Letters of Intent on a rolling basis but we will accept your Letter of Intent up to 7 business days prior to your target application deadline.

To submit a Letter of Intent, use our Google Form or email your answers to the questions listed below. State Historical Fund staff will contact you upon receipt. 

Once submitted, our staff will review the information within one business week and let you know if your project receives a green, yellow, or red light.

  • Green projects can proceed. You will receive a link to the competitive grant application.
  • Yellow projects meet with our staff to clarify project components. Staff will provide a green or red light following additional information.
  • Red projects do not align with our grant program’s requirements.

Competitive Grant Deadlines

There are two competitive grant rounds each year - Fall and Spring. Currently, the deadlines sit at October 3rd for the Fall round, and April for Spring.

For more information please visit our Competitive Grants page. 

Google Form

Submit a Letter of Intent using our Google Form.

Letter of Intent


Answer the following questions (one to two paragraphs each) and email to

  • Provide your contact information.  Include name, phone number, and email address.
  • Identify the grant applicant's tax status (non-profit or government/public entity) and the property owner's tax status.
  • In what county is your resource/project located?
  • Describe the resource(s) that is the focus of your project. (100 words or less)
  • What is the designation level of the resource? (Local, State, National, Not Applicable, or Unsure/Unknown)
  • In brief words or phrases, list your anticipated tasks (Scope of Work).  Such as:
    • Restore Masonry
    • Rehabilitate Windows and Doors
    • Design, Produce, and Install Interpretative Sign
  • Will your grant request be more or less than $50,000?

Non Competitive Grants

Non Competitive Grants are available year round and do not require a Letter of Intent.  Please visit Our Grant Types webpage for further information, or click on the grant link below to apply. 


Contact our Engagement Staff or email us at with any questions.