Middle and High School Students - What's Your Story?-Mario


Free Admission for Middle and High School Students

History Colorado Center is FREE for Middle and High School Students during Winter Break!

We know how hard it is for middle and high school classes to schedule field trips so we are offering a unique opportunity for teachers use winter break to encourage their students to visit the History Colorado Center and experience the newest exhibition, What’s Your Story? for FREE!

From December 21, 2019 through January 5, 2020, all middle and high school students will receive free admission to the History Colorado Center including What’s Your Story?, featuring content and themes relevant to civics curriculum, inspiring students to see their peers and themselves as leaders!

Please encourage your students to take advantage of the FREE Admission and come discover their superpower with a visit to What’s Your Story?

Winter Break FREE Admission is made possible through the generous support of CiviCO, sponsor of What’s Your Story?