What's Your Story exhibit

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What's Your Story?

Public Opening October 19, 2019

Each of us is on a journey toward making a difference. What’s your superpower?

Is it curiosity—like Gitanjali Rao, the eleven-year-old who invented a way to test water for lead? Is it determination—like Janet Bonnema, the first woman to work in the Eisenhower Tunnel? Is
it resilience—like Casimiro Barela, who overcame tragedy to help write the State Constitution and publish it in three languages? 

Come explore your superpower and those of Coloradans past, present, and future. Find out how they made an impact on our state, whether by fighting school segregation or being a
world-class athlete. See how your experience compares to the challenges and opportunities faced by generations of Coloradans before you.

Through one-of-a-kind multimedia experiences, you and your friends can tell the world what’s important to you, and share it on the big screen for all to see. Whatever you care about—the
outdoors? becoming an entrepreneur? helping others?—you’ll meet Coloradans who share your passion. 

Learn about the Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Medal, then nominate someone you think should win it. See Tommy Caldwell’s rock-climbing shoes and the model of Larimer Square Dana
Crawford built when she saved the neighborhood. Make a poster to send your  message—you’ll see your creation among more than 75 posters spanning 150 years of Colorado history.

In What’s Your Story? you’ll meet 101 people who’ve made an impact—just like you will.

This exhibit is on view beginning October 19.

Become a History Colorado Member and see the exhibition before it opens to the public! What’s Your Story? is generously supported by CiviCO. The exhibition will be located in the new Owens Hickenlooper Leadership Gallery on the 4th floor of the History Colorado Center. 

We need to be open to new ideas and understand that failure at some point is totally expected. We need to help people share what they've learned from failure and move on to the next idea.

Lisa Tessarowicz,  2016 Emerging Community Leader Colorado Governor's Citizenship Medal Winner