Black in Denver

Current Exhibition

Black in Denver

Portrait and interview series by Narkita Gold

We are excited for the opportunity to work with local artist Narkita Gold to select nine photos from her Black in Denver series to highlight on a monumental scale. 

Exhibit video courtesy City and County of Denver.

Narkita Gold (born in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1987) is a Denver-based artist who's been honing her skills in digital photography since 2009. Originally a public relations professional, Gold blends her gift for photography with storytelling, creating a perfect marriage of her two passions. Her first creative endeavor, Black in Denver is a portrait and interview series that takes a critical look at identity, specifically at small Black communities, solitude, and the evolution of the self. Gold’s approach includes participant observation, empathy interviews, and surveying both locals and transplants to gain a better understanding of Black life in Denver. The artist is passionate about people, arts, and culture and finds inspiration in the human experience, our purpose here, city life, and architecture.

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Photo of the artist Narkita Gold

Artist Narkita Gold

This exhibit is part of Building Denver, a sweeping retrospective, present-day examination and a bold look ahead at how our city has been designed and the consequences that have emerged in our physical, social, and emotional spaces. Learn more about the Building Denver Initiative