Mural painted by Anthony Garcia

Pop-up Exhibition

Self-Preservation by Anthony Garcia Sr.

In celebration of Colorado's long history of murals, we're excited to present the work of Anthony Garcia Sr., director of Birdseed Collective in Denver's Globeville/Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. Anthony hand-painted the wall of our fourth-floor mezzanine. Using culturally and artistically relevant and vibrant “sarape” colors and designs, the artwork titled "Self-Preservation" represents how different cultures can work together to form a community.

La intención de los colores vibrantes y las formas simétricas del mural es invocar el sarape, una tradicional manta mexicana.

Anthony Garcia Self-preservation mural
Anthony Garcia's Self-Preservation mural
Anthony Garcia's Self-Preservation mural

“The sarape blanket is an old Southwestern native-style blanket. It subliminally lets everyone know this was once a Hispanic neighborhood and this is still our culture -- and our culture is still relevant.”