Core Exhibition

Written on the Land

Ute Voices, Ute History

Hear the story of Colorado’s longest continuous residents, told in their own voices.

Take a journey to iconic Colorado places the Ute people call home. You’ll see traditional arts, gorgeous photography, and contemporary video showing how Ute people have adapted and persevered through the centuries. Witness the tragic loss of Ute homelands and see efforts to keep Ute culture and language alive today.

photo of youth at Southern Ute event
Chipeta's dress
Chief Severo Ute family
Headdress Southern Ute tribe
photo of Southern Ute veteran at Walk of the Warriors event
Ute beaded pouch

“We didn’t get wiped out, we didn’t move away, we’re still here and we will still be here.”

- Terry Knight, Elder, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe