Preservation Partners

Information from or about important partners in preservation efforts.

History Colorado Resources

A guide containing names, addresses, and phone numbers of archaeologists, historians, paleontologists, historical architects, and related organizations. (revised regularly)

An information sheet on research collections available to the public at the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

A contact list of Colorado municipalities and counties with preservation ordinances or zoning. Those with Certified Local Governments are indicated. (revised 09/18)

A National Park Service manual for State Historic Preservation Review Board members that provides guidance on the execution of federally mandated duties.

A bulletin illustrating 16 actual projects selected to show various construction methods and uses adaptable to most old farm buildings.

History Colorado's Annual Report (1637)
Annual report detailing activities of History Colorado, including reports on the activities of the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and the State Historical Fund.


Colorado Model Content Standards for History (1592)
Adopted in 1995 for grades K through 12.

Teaching with Historic Places Information (1523)
An educational program of the National Park Service which offers lesson plans focusing on historic places, intended to enrich the history, geography, and social studies curriculums.


History Colorado Membership
Information about membership benefits of History Colorado and free admission to 12 historic sites and museums.

Colorado Preservation, Inc. Membership
Information about joining Colorado Preservation, Inc.

An Invitation to Join the Colorado Archaeological Society (1561a)
Online application that outlines the CAS code of ethics, membership benefits and activities; a brochure with application is also available.

Publication Lists

Archaeological Assistance Division Publications (1511)
A National Park Service site where the Technical Brief Series and other publications dealing with archaeology in the federal government are available.

National Park Service Catalog of Publications (1504)
A listing of publications on historic preservation topics currently available from the NPS.

Technical Preservation Services’ Publications and Online Materials (1514)
An index of the publications and online materials provided by the Technical Preservation Services division of the National Park Service.

Tribal Contacts & Consultation

A listing of federally recognized Native American Tribes with ancestral ties to Colorado. (revised 01/19)

Consultation with Native Americans: A Historic Preservation Responsibility (1548)
A resource from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation replete with helpful suggestions and guidance for those who are required to consult with Native American Tribes during the 106 process.

Tribal Consultation: Best Practices in Historic Preservation (1638)
This study identifies the attributes of a successful historic preservation consultation between tribes and federal agencies.