Specialty Surveyor, Option I - Archaeology and Public Education

  1. Hours: Independent work.
  2. Description: Draft a detailed outline or script for a presentation on archaeology.  The document should be equivalent to a 30-45 minute talk on any approved topic in archaeology.  Topics may include, but are not limited to Archaeology as a Career, Colorado Prehistory, General Archaeology, and Vandalism.  Presentations should include hands-on materials and/or slides.  Presentations can be delivered to any community organization, including school groups, historical societies, scouts, etc.  Each participant will schedule their own presentation.
  3. Prerequisites: Successfully complete the following survey courses.
    1. Archaeological Practice in Colorado (Scholar)
    2. Basic Site Surveying Techniques (Provisional Surveyor)
    3. Colorado Archaeology (Provisional Surveyor)
  4. Requirements for certification:
    1. Write an outline or script for the presentation.  A draft must be submitted to the State PAAC Coordinator for approval before public presentations are made.
    2. Contact local schools and other potentially interested groups to schedule the presentation.
    3. Deliver the presentation a minimum of ten times to scheduled groups.
    4. Keep a log detailing information about each presentation.  The log will indicate the organization's name, address, phone, fax, email, contact person, date of presentation, and number in attendance.  The log will be submitted to the PAAC Board for review after the ten presentations.  Certification is granted on the approval of the Board.

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