Specialty Surveyor, Option II - Designation of Properties to the State or National Registers

  1. Hours: independent work.
  2. Description: Complete a State or National Register nomination form for an archaeological site or district.  The site should be selected based on consultations with both the State PAAC Coordinator and the National and State Register Coordinator at the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP).  Fieldwork may be required depending upon which site is chosen.  The fieldwork would typically involve site mapping, boundary identification and black-and-white photos.
  3. Prerequisites: Successfully complete the following courses:
    1. Archaeological Practice in Colorado (Scholar)
    2. Basic Site Surveying Techniques (Provisional Surveyor)
    3. Colorado Archaeology (Provisional Surveyor)
    4. Historical Archaeology (Provisional Surveyor)
    5. Research Design and Report Writing (Certified Surveyor II)
  4. Requirements for certification:
    1. Read National Register Bulletin 16A (How to Complete the National Register Registration Form), and the federal and state laws which created the National and State Registers of Historic Places.  Copies of these are available from OAHP.  Discussions of the nomination process with the National and State Register staff at OAHP are strongly encouraged (see relevant staff by county).
    2. Obtain property owner permission to complete a nomination for either National or State Register listing.
    3. Complete a nomination form including maps and photographs, and respond to comments from the National Register staff.  Finalize nomination as required to prepare for final review by the Colorado Historic Preservation Review Board (see meeting dates and associated deadlines).
      1. Following the recommendations of the Review Board, nominations are either forwarded to the National Park Service for National Register listing, or approved by the History Colorado Board of Trustees for State Register listing.
      2. If the property is on federal land, the nomination must be approved by the federal agency’s Federal Preservation Officer and does not go through the Review Board.  The nomination is then forwarded to the National Park Service for listing.

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