Additional Laboratory Credit

  • Denver Lab Project
    1. The Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) has archaeological collections that have yet to be completely processed for permanent curation.  PAAC volunteers may receive credit toward certification at either the Laboratory Trainee or Laboratory Technician level by helping the State Training Coordinator in the cataloguing and analysis of these materials.
    2. The lab work is held at History Colorado’s off-site facility in central Denver, on intermittent days during the winter.  Alternative dates and lab opportunities will be announced on the Class Schedule page.  All supervised hours spent with specific materials in the collections apply toward the 40 hours of lab time required for certification.  While the collection includes a variety of prehistoric and historical materials, a large majority is lithic (flaked stone and ground stone artifacts).  Tasks will include basic to advanced materials analysis and training, data entry and curation methods.
    3. Prerequisite Courses:

      No prior experience is required in most instances.  However, lab space and equipment for volunteers is limited, so if too many PAAC participants wish to volunteer on a scheduled lab day, preference will be given to those volunteers who have already earned the Lab Trainee certificate and are working toward the Lab Technician certificate, and others who have completed one or more of the following courses:

      1. Archaeological Practice in Colorado
      2. Archaeological Laboratory Techniques
      3. Prehistoric Lithics Description and Analysis
    4. Requirements:

      Prospective volunteers must complete the PAAC Candidate Application Form (PDF) if one has not been submitted previously, and should be prepared to participate on a minimum of two days.  Contact the State PAAC Coordinator at 303-866-4671 or for further information.  There is no fee required for this PAAC activity.

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