PAAC Scholar

  1. The PAAC Scholar certificate is designed for those who enjoy classroom work more than fieldwork.
  2. Required Courses:
    1. Archaeological Practice in Colorado
    2. Basic Site Surveying Techniques
    3. Colorado Archaeology
    4. Historical Archaeology
    5. Prehistoric Lithic Description and Analysis
    6. Prehistoric Ceramic Description and Analysis
    7. Perishable Materials
    8. Archaeological Dating Methods
    9. Field and Laboratory Photography
    10. Research Design and Report Writing
    11. Archaeological Laboratory Techniques
    12. Principles of Archaeological Excavation
    13. Rock Art Studies
  3. Completion of the above 13 PAAC classes, including scoring at least 70% on the final exams, qualifies one for the PAAC Scholar certificate. No additional outside field or lab work is required. Individuals who successfully completed the Basic Site Surveying Techniques course before the Introduction to Archaeology, CAS & PAAC class was added to the program in 1990 need not complete the Introduction course (now called “Archaeological Practice in Colorado”) to qualify for this certificate.

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