Artist Adri Norris making progress on the Five Points Plus exhibit mural.

We Are Colorado

Black History & Heritage

You cannot have a thorough understanding of American history unless you have an understanding of how the Black experience has impacted our country. History Colorado is dedicated to sharing a holistic view of historic events that include the perspectives of all people. This page is dedicated to highlighting the contributions made by people who identify as Black, African-American, or generally part of the African diaspora, as it relates to the history of the West. History Colorado creates a better future for Colorado by inspiring wonder in our past. 

Associate Curator of African American History & Cultural Heritage

Dexter Nelson II is the Associate Curator of Black History and Cultural Heritage for History Colorado, formerly known as the Colorado State Historical Society. He is honored to help History Colorado move towards eliminating white supremacy and giving value to stories traditionally ignored or eliminated completely. There is a very real opportunity to both build the current collections representing the various African American experiences in the West as well as to work with both staff and community members to foster equality in all that History Colorado does.



Dr. Carlotta LaNier at the Bold Women. Change History. opening event at the History Colorado Center
Volunteer Family Day participants making cloth dog toys for dogs in animal shelters
An elderly Black woman, Lucy Walker, is seated in a colorful shawl before a sign which reads Eden Theatrical Workshop (since 1963)
A statuette depicts a man in three stages. The lowest level depicts him crouched in bondage, wearing the chains of a slave. The second level depicts him crouched with a gold pan. The third level at the peak of the plinth shows him standing tall and proud.
Adri Norris, a Black woman, and a man of asian descent dance and celebrate with their fists raised in front of a colorful mural.
A claw-hook hammer of old fashioned design, with a worn wooden handle and a sturdy metal head.
Rise Jones, a community storyteller as part of the Five Points Museum of Memory project, at the opening of the Five Points Plus exhibit at the History Colorado Center.
A pen and ink drawing of James Beckwourth, a Black fur trapper.
Artist Adri Norris making progress on the Five Points Plus exhibit mural.
A group of people stand in front of a farm or small homestead. One is a black man in a business suit. Around him stand several Indigenous (Ute) adults, and near him stand two  Ute children.
A Kramerica student volunteers with Family Day participants to make decorative bags for goods to be distributed to people in need. 
An architectural sketch depicting a building.
A Black soldier stands at attention in his parade uniform, with a saber in one hand.