Somos Colorado

Latino History & Heritage

A rich tapestry of in-person and online experiences across the state—from informative discussions to festive celebrations, along with a wide variety of exhibits and digital resources—blankets Latino Heritage Month at History Colorado. This commemoration, generally observed September 15–October 15 in communities across Colorado each year, is an exciting time to embrace exploration conducted year-round in collaboration with the individuals and communities that we partner with and serve.

Top Image: La Fiesta by David Ocelotl García

Photo of an outdoor anti-war protest rally featuring speaker Corky Gonzales. He stands in front of a microphone flanked by unidentified men and women standing and sitting on the steps. A banner behind Corky reads "RAZA SI, GUERRA NO."
Cruising Downtown
Three Avondale community members taking part in the collective remembering process.
Andres Resendez
Dolores Huerta Lecture 2020
A Wedding Portrait: Santiago James Ocaña and Eulalia “Lilian” Garcia, July 29,1908
Freddie Trujillo
Trujillo family baseball team, Trinidad, about 1910